September 2021

Kyle Wudrich

The Lowdown – 948 Brewing

Thank you to Tim Lowing for this great article from June 22, 2020 about us and his thoughts.

“As I near one hundred twenty-five columns I think it’s important to say just how much being able to write regularly like this for my community means to me. I take immense pride in being able to share something or someone from our community on these pages. It’s important that those who take part in life here in Airdrie are celebrated and this is something I’ve taken very seriously from the onset. I’ve prided myself in covering those who contribute regardless of bias. The Lowdown is a place where everyone belongs and most importantly, are appreciated. This week’s subjects Dave Schroter and Kyle Wudrich of 948 Brewing are excited to get a very similar message out to everyone in our city! 948 Brewing is open for business and ready to serve their us all in the intimacy of their boutique tap room at 541 Kingsview Way SE smack dab in the middle in unit 104.”

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